Lets Blog 10/15

Top Clutch News. https://youtu.be/hMLHDwwbZ_g

Battle Angel Alita Movie

Power Rangers Time Force DVD delayed. Plus fixing Top 10 Power Ranger Suits fiasco. 



Lets Blog 10/14

Top Clutch News               https://youtu.be/L-Mll4j_yGU

And Women Crush Wednesday – Demi Lovato/Keisha Grey

More later 👌🏽

Lets Blog 10/11

Top Clutch News https://youtu.be/a7JCqPZr8IE

We have national coming out, pizza and clergy appreciation day 👍🏽 

The NYCC 2015 getting Marvel TV Explosion  

And tonight The Walking Dead

Lets Blog 10/09

Top Clutch News  https://youtu.be/oGp3-VXP_sI

We have abunch NYCC new toys (Power Ranger Legacy, Marvel, Star Wars and Hasbro).  

We also have Birthday wishes to the late John Lennon 

Plus Afghan kids, anime fashion and more.