Let’s Talk Blog

late nite nothing but DBZ and Sativa 😉. 

Im a firm believer in change and hope one of these days itll happen for us regular people. I may say things that can be off putting however its all coming from a deep and generous heart. 

Like Politics https://youtu.be/BU9XFPun0Wo https://youtu.be/WlFCTtWlzOE. Where im jus being honest and forthcoming. 

Then things like sex https://youtu.be/GCtKp7_Y1x8.  https://youtu.be/KIKoVcQzj08. Not trying to be vulgar or explicict but sex is suppose to be natural and the body should be admire instead of ashamed. 

Or life and how precious it is. https://youtu.be/6dvslrn3J-A. https://youtu.be/_BzU_iX5H5c  speaking from the POV on both sides of any argument because your mind needs to be open. 

This is what TVLiFE presents Let’s Talk is all about from the people for the people. 



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