TVLiFE presents Let’s Blog 8/22

Jus tryin to deal with the loss of a childhood friend. Rest in peace Ricardo “Rallo” Chavis πŸ™πŸ½


TVLiFE presents Let’s Blog 8/21

Possibly still doin an episode later, but im trying to catch up with The Strain 😳😎 one of my fav. Its where vampires should be not “sparkling”. 

Also got that new The Weeknd review on that as well. 


TVLiFE presents Let’s Blog 8/20

True Detective season 2, was ok Vince and Colin stole the show their characters were rich. Rachel and Taylor’s characters should have joined stories or something. Kinda felt it was not necessary to have both one or the other. Different from the first but still good. 5 Os not counting Taylors character. 

Episode 16 tomorrow something is liable to go down ✌🏽️ 


TVLiFE presents Let’s Blog 8/19 finally cut ties with Jared Fogle after he plead guilty to kiddie porn possesion. 

Melissa McCarthy says “plus-size” hurts women. I agree they are actually real women. If skinny women got a label it wouldnt be so far fetch. 

 @SenSanders: Americans are working harder for less and paying more for prescription drugs: This is so true and it needs to change! 

  RIP Yvonne Craig youll be missedπŸ™πŸ½